A downloadable game for Windows

You play as a rat in the home of an OCD-plagued man. Your goal is to break him down bit by bit for your own entertainment.

Watch him place Jenga-towers in the most inaccessible places and tear them down using your wits as your weapon.

Install instructions

After you've downloaded the game, unzip it and you're good to go


TabletopTrouble.zip 112 MB


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I thought the game was pretty funny even though we're kind of a jerk... Couldn't figure out how to unlock the second level though :( still enjoyed it! 

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Wow, thanks! We loved the video, and seeing stuff like this is great feedback for us. It really inspires us to work onwards with the game and it gives us a lot of new ideas

As of now the second level is under some heavy development, and is therefore locked right now :/ Hopefully we'll have it ready as soon as possible and we would love your feedback on it further into Development :)